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Boone County added to travel advisory list due to flooding

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – By 2 p.m. Thursday, no less than 10 Indiana counties were under travel advisories because of flooding.

With more streets flooded than Boone County had signs for, the same was called for Boone County 8 hours later.

“It usually gets somewhat flooded when heavy rains like this happen, but I’ve never seen anything like this personally for the past couple years in Thorntown,” said Jack Fortner, a Thorntown resident. “It’s pretty bad right now.”

Fortner, a student, works at a convenience store right across from a barricade blocking off SR 75 between the Thorntown city limits and SR 32.

“We’ve had traffic ever since 4:00-ish,” said Fornter. “People are getting off work and not knowing how to get to Advance and Jamestown, are needing alternate routes.”

Fortner and his coworkers spent the afternoon and evening giving people directions, especially when the flooding was at its worst.

At that point, Fortner says cops and county crews were stationed before the blockade, steering drivers away from the high water just a quarter mile away. Once they left though, many drivers went around the barricade, attempting to drive through the water despite the sign.

In other parts of Boone County though, there’s no warning.

Besides overflowing fields swamped with a day’s worth of water, drivers had no way of knowing a road was flooded until they were upon it.

“I actually contacted INDOT to see if they can get some larger signs, but we were told there are no more signs to put out now,” said Boone County Sheriff’s deputy Ken Conley.

Even without signs though, Conley says people still tend to underestimate the depth of water and overestimate their car’s ability to get through it. Conley had to go to the same road in the county twice in the afternoon to help a driver whose car had hydroplaned or been swept off the road.

Conley worries that decision-making failure at night could prove deadly.

“When it does get dark, they’re not going to be able to see it,” said Conley. “Basically when it’s just raining like this, just slow down. Be more observant.”

For a list of road closures in Boone and other counties as of Thursday night, click here.

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