Wettest spring in 21 years about to get wetter; Showers and storms return early Tuesday

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Showers are to increase overnight - along with a chance of a thunderstorm. The dry air (low dew point) has kept the rain in check through 10 pm.  However the rain will expand in coverage and intensity through the overnight hours.  Posted below radar at 10 pm compared to the forecast radar at 8 AM Tuesday.


We could use more dry time!  Spring 2017 is the WETTEST to date in 21 years (1996). With over 14" of precipitation, the 5" above normal precipitation since March 1st is 1.5 times the normal!


As promised it turned chilly!  The old rule of thumb of NOT planting until after Mother's day was spot on early Sunday and Monday morning.

It was the coolest May 8th in 41 years! The low was 35-degrees in Indianapolis this morning. Sub 32-degrees outlying included 28-degrees New Castle!

8 straight days have been below normal (all of May) It is now the COOLEST MAY to date in 28 years (1989). Temps are running -8° per day below normal.

I milder night coming as clouds increase and rain moves in.  Lows early Tuesday will only dip to the upper 40s by sunrise.