Tiny homes being rented out for camping during Indy 500

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - There's a new unique way to take your camping game to the next level at the Indy 500 this year. How about staying in a tiny home?

You've probably watched the shows with people living in the tiny dwelling spaces, turns out we have a few here in Indy and you can try them out during race week.

Regis McGrath and his wife spent the past year making their own tiny home. And now it's ready for you to rent out and experience living in such a small space.

"It's 160 square feet down and you have about 80 up," Regis said.

The family had their first renter last week. They named the home "Tiny Pint House" because it incorporates who they are and what they enjoy.

"I'm tall, I'm 6'6 and a half my wife is 5'4 so we were trying to come up with a name she was like I'm tiny, you're tall. We both like beer, a pint of beer so the tiny pint house," Regis said.

The tiny pint house has everything you need including a stove, shower, toilet and a loft space for the bed.
Try It Tiny manages the unique properties. Founder, Maggie Daniels is renting three of the miniature digs to campers during the Indy 500.

"They're going to be brought together for a little pop up boutique tiny house hotel of sorts and it's less than a mile away walking distance to the Indianapolis 500 race track," Maggie said.

A local family will host the homes on their land.

"They have a large piece of property and so it will be at the back, it's very private and we'll have a fire pit set up, it'll feel like a little nice community," Maggie said.

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