Pattern change brings extended dry and warmer days; Summer-level warm spell coming

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What a way to start the weekend!  Skies have brightened from northwest to southeast Friday and the May sunshine is doing its thing!  The past 16 days have only produce two full days without even a trace of rain - Today was the second.

The May sun is strong and likely lifting spirits.  Where sun has been out longer the temperatures are warmer.  By 5 pm topping 71-degrees in Lafayette while cooler in Columbus at 66-degrees.

This is the wettest spring Meteorological spring (March through May) in 53 years!  With nearly 15-inches of rainfall, it ranks 5th wettest all time to date.  Nearly two-thirds of all the spring rainfall has fallen in the past two weeks alone.  The change to a drier pattern is welcome all through central Indiana.


With the exception of a fast moving system diving into northern Indiana late Saturday afternoon, the bulk of the weekend will be sunny.  A few clouds, along with a spotty shower chance develop later Saturday evening.  We've been following this (minor) system all week and had thought there could be a small rain chance with it.  Our latest RPM model Friday evening depicts the clouds by 8 pm Saturday and a small shower threat northeast late.

Skies will clear Saturday night and Mother's Day 2017 will be full of sunshine and warmer temperatures.  This will be the first dry Mother's Day in four years.  Each of the last three have produce measurable rainfall.

Checking weather records  - over the past 53 Mother's days, the warmest was 84-degrees in 2004 and as chilly as 35-degrees just last year.


It is a brand new pattern!  An extended spell of up to 6 straight days of dry weather is underway.  Rain chances will rise starting later Wednesday but will become more likely by Thursday.

A passing warm front early Tuesday will send area temperatures above 80-degrees starting Tuesday and well above normal into next weekend.  The high temperature Wednesday and again during the spell is expected to reach 2017's warmest.  Temperatures will run 12 to 15-degrees above normal!