Women’s college basketball player from Indiana commissioned to infantry of US Army

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DEKALB, Ill. – Only 10 ROTC female cadets were selected nationally for the U.S. Army infantry this year.

Ally Lehman, an Indiana native, was one of them.

Becoming part of the U.S. Army Infantry commission is a highly coveted achievement among the thousands who complete four years of officer training through ROTC programs.

Combat jobs, such as the infantry, became available to women for the first time last year.

Lehman came to Northern Illinois University from Nineveh in 2013.

There, she starred on the NIU women’s basketball team. She won NIU’s female athlete of the year for her performance in this past season.

She graduates Saturday with a degree in general studies.

On top of all of her achievements, Lehman will be receiving her commission as a second lieutenant.

According to the university’s newspaper, she is the first NIU athlete to graduate, male or female, while completing ROTC training while in a collegiate sport.

Lehman’s next adventure will be taking a 17-week class, called the Infantry Officer Basic Leadership Course, that provides new officers information and techniques as to how to lead a rifle platoon into combat.