Behind the Badge: IMPD officer risks life to save another

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Like most police officers, Richard Christian knows that you can never predict how a shift will turn out. Such was the case in March, when the five year veteran got another lesson on the unpredictable nature of the job.

“Every day is something different so you just take it how it comes to you,” Christian said.

In March, Officer Christian was on patrol on the north side going down 38th St. when he saw car turned sideways in the middle of the road. At first he thought it was a routine car accident. The encounter would later turn out to be anything but routine.

As Officer Christian approached the car, he saw two men in the back seat of the car fighting. When he called out to the men, one of them began to yell.

“I hear one of the males inside yell help he has a gun he’s trying to shoot me,” Christian said.

Christian says the doors of the car were locked and the windows were rolled up. He tried to break one with his flashlight but it wouldn’t budge.

“And I have a background in boxing, so the first thing I thought of was to punch it,” he said.

Officer Christian was able to break through the window with his fists. He then unlocked the door and pulled out the man with the gun, who’s now identified as Paris Murray.

“The thought was to hurry up and get the gun out of his hand so I don’t get shot,” Christian said.

During the exchange, officer Christian said Murray began to fight with him, continually diving back into the car for what investigators say was another gun.

“All I could think about is I can’t get shot because my wife would kill me,” Christian said.

Eventually Christian was able to subdue Murray and backup would arrive.  Officer Christian would be awarded “officer of the month” for his actions but says he did the only thing he could given the circumstances.

I don’t think there was any other way to handle it. If I had waited any longer we could be talking about a homicide out here,” he said.

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