Forest, Ind. man says he was swept up in EF-1 tornado

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FOREST, Ind.— A Forest, Indiana man says he was swept up in the winds of an EF-1 tornado as it touched down Saturday night.

Scott Kellet said he was watching the storm form from the railroad tracks outside his house. When he started seeing debris flying, Kellet says he turned back to go inside.

“So as I tried to go back in, the wind hit me real hard and knocked me down,” Kellet explained, “threw me down on the tracks and I held on to it.”

Kellet says he held on to the tracks, but his hand slipped when debris flew towards him. As Kellet describes it, he was on the edge of a tornado descending, and the wind lifted him off the ground and slammed him down on a piece of cement.

“That’s when I looked up and seen the fire station here get ripped apart,” Kellet added.

Kellets hands are injured and his head has a gash from when he fell down to the ground. His fear, he says was that the tornado’s path would hit his house with his wife inside. Instead, the tornado veered toward the Forest Fire Department fire station on County Road 600.

The roof lifted and a side wall made of cement blocks ripped out, crushing two cars beneath some of the rubble.

Firefighter Mike Tate says none of the department’s four fire trucks were damaged. Protocol is for the trucks to be removed from inside station when there’s a tornado warning. Tate says that’s why the trucks were unharmed in this case.

The Forest Fire Department is looking for temporary housing in the area to store its fire trucks in between uses, but it will maintain its ability to respond. Tate says, it just make take a little longer.

The National Weather Service confirms that two tornadoes touched down Saturday, with a total of four reports made throughout the region in Thorntown, Michigantown, Forest and Wolcott. The weekend storms raise the totally number of confirmed tornadoes in the Hoosier state to eight so far this year.