Indiana State Troopers to participate in six state highway safety project

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana State Police along with troopers from Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania will be conducting state-wide patrols targeting seat belt and child restraint violations this week. The project, which was initially started by the Ohio State Patrol, encompasses all states that border the State of Ohio.

“We will be conducting extra patrols as part of the “Operation Care” program and troopers on regular duty will be targeting drivers and passengers that are not wearing their seat belts or are not adhering to the child restraint law,” states Lieutenant Tom McKee, commander of the Indiana State Police Post at Lafayette. “We want to help reduce the number of injuries and deaths if you are involved in a crash.”

The project, which runs from May 22rd to May 29th, will encompass all roadways in the State of Indiana.