Police investigate after vehicles broken into, vandalized in northeast side apartment complex

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN-- Residents in a northeast side neighborhood are raising concerns after waking up to their vehicles damaged.

Officers responded to Timber Point Apartments Saturday morning for reports of vehicles  broken into and vandalized.

"When it happens no I don't feel good about it," Marvin Berryhill, a resident, said.

Berryhill said his daughter's car was hit.

"I just couldn't figure out why, which I know one of the reasons is it's so dark back in here now," Berryhill said.

Police reports showed nearly half a dozen vehicles were damaged.

"They rifle through everything, pull it all out and it's a big mess to clean up," Donald Whiting, a resident, said. "Not to mention to replace three windows on my car is gonna cost at least 800 bucks."

Whiting said this wasn't the first time his Jeep was hit, though.

"I was frustrated that this is again you know just five months after it's happened previously and it's frustrating that it seems to be escalating," Whiting said.

At last check, police have not made any arrests.