Tenant says massive apartment leak didn’t get maintenance’s full attention for days

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A small leak turned into a huge flood inside a woman's northwest side apartment.

Sarah Rakes said she contacted FOX59 because she didn't know where else to turn. She told us a leak in the apartment above hers started last Thursday. Rakes lives in the Aspen Chase at Eagle Creek apartments.

"I came home and noticed there was water dripping from my ceiling," Rakes said.

Rakes said that maintenance came out to look at the leak and said they turned the water off, but it was still leaking until Sunday, leading water to pour from her ceiling in nearly every room of her one bedroom apartment. She said she tried numerous times to get in touch with an on call maintenance employee over the holiday weekend.

"The living room ceiling fell on my son as he was trying to collect the water," Rakes said.

Finally, Rakes said she was at her wit's end when she called maintenance on Sunday.

"(I said) 'I’m calling Board of Health, I’m calling FOX59, I’m calling anybody I can call to get help.' He came 10 minutes later after getting that message," Rakes said.

Rakes said the water did go off on Sunday, but her carpet had already started to smell. She told FOX59 it took until Tuesday for a crew to show up with fans. After that, they tackled the ceiling and the carpeting.

"I just sat there and cried. Honestly, I didn’t know what else to do," Rakes said.

FOX59 went to the complex's front office to talk to a manager. The property manager said she could not talk on camera, but did explain the situation from her perspective. She said maintenance did the best they could and gave the apartment time this week to dry out.

Rakes, though, said that she is concerned it did not dry out longer, considering how long the leak lasted. She told FOX59 that she has only a couple months left on her lease and does plan to move out.

"I leave in two months and I know everyone’s thinking, 'Why don’t you just leave it alone?' But whoever moves in there after me is in danger because I know with five days of that, there’s got to be mold growing in that ceiling," Rakes said.

The property manager told FOX59 she was confident the apartment was dried out and fixed properly, and is liveable again.