Dozens of car break-ins reported in Castleton area

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are investigating dozens of reports of vehicles being entered and rifled through in the Castleton area.

Police records from Monday show 22 car break-ins in the Avalon Lake Apartments and Castleton Manor Apartments. Nearly a dozen more vehicle break-ins were reported in neighborhoods to the north of the apartment communities. Several vehicles were left with their doors open.

“It must make you more aware, more cautious of what’s going on, and what are your surroundings,” said Monsanto Love Jr., a resident in Avalon Lake.

There is no broken glass on the ground, or shattered windshields in either apartment complex. It appears the thieves were able to get into the cars by finding unlocked doors, or using tools to open locked vehicles.

A victim in the Castleton Manor Apartments, who did not want to be identified, says she came outside Monday morning to find her car door hanging open, and a note from an IMPD officer on her windshield. The note said her vehicle appeared to have been vandalized, she said.

When she looked into her car, she found items from her glove compartment thrown around and her phone charger missing. The car right next to hers had a laptop computer stolen out of it, she said.

“It’s very scary, because I’m usually out at that time of the morning taking my son to work,” the woman said.

The woman says she was confused because she always locks her car. Then, she noticed a set of small tools sitting on the sidewalk right next to her car.

“The officer told me, that I was talking to on the phone, said that it could be what they used to break in the car,” she said.

Residents in the Avalon Lake Apartments found letters from the property management on their doors later in the day Monday. The letters warned of an increase in vehicle break-ins along Binford Boulevard, and Castleton and Fishers areas.

“It did make me nervous at first when I saw the letter,” said Avalon Lake resident Jordan Rose. “It’s sad that we have to deal with these types of things.”

IMPD says they have no suspect information at this time. But if there are thieves out there who know how to quickly get into locked cars without breaking windshields, it’s all the more reason to never leave anything valuable in your car.

Police are also exploring any possible connections to other crimes in the area.