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FOX59 Morning team tries cricket cuisine

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A Texas-based company is trying to make eating crickets mainstream.

“We’re looking at it as snack food replacement," Aketta Sales and Marketing Manager Vincent Vitale said. "Instead of eating junk food like chips, you can eat something that taste just as good and is packed with protein.”

Aketta, a brand of Aspire Food Group, is based out of Austin, Texas and recently finished creating the first fully automated cricket farm in the world.

The company currently offers packages of dry roasted crickets and cricket flour.

The company is marketing the items to high endurance athletes and body builders for their high protein content as well as eco-friendly consumers because farming crickets is much less harmful to the environment compared to farming cattle, Vitale said.

The company has sold its crickets to the Seattle Mariners to sell to fans as a snack at games and hopes to launch its granola product in a few weeks.

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