Your Town Friday: Well-known Danville restaurant makes big change, Longtime Amo tradition adds another year

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Danville, Ind. - This week's Your Town Friday will make you smile!

We went about 20 miles west of Indianapolis to check out Danville. Danville sits in the exact center of Hendricks County. Nine-thousand people live there and if you do, you probably know Tracy Jones and Bill Franklin!

The own Court House Grounds on the Danville square.

"Bill and I have been best friends for years and we opened a coffee shop and bakery on Christmas Eve of 1998," said Tracy.

Bill went on to say, "I tell people it's been 18 and a half years, but in reality it feels like 25!"

Tracy and Bill are two people you just can't help but love.

Tracy is a Danville native. Bill is from the west side of Indianapolis. He spent a long time in the military, but remembers visiting a childhood friend in Danville in the 1970's.

"I came out here because they had a pool!" said Bill. "I spent a lot of time out here. And if somebody would’ve told me in ’76 that I’d be moving to Danville and own a building on the square and my own business, I’d never ever, ever believe it."

It turns out, Bill has become a bit of a star in Danville.

"I can’t go anywhere in this town without people stopping me," said Bill.

People love his soup-mercials (click here to check them out) just as much as the soup.

"It’s like traveling with Cher," said Tracy. "He's a star!"

"Without the headpiece," Bill added.

Tracy's grandmother is behind the popular soups.

"My grandmother, who is still alive, she’s 101, has worked for us since the very beginning. She stopped working last year on her 100th birthday and when I asked her why she was quitting, she said, um because I'm 100, and I said listen old lady, if you’re going to pull the age card every time you want your way at work, this isn’t going to fly!"

But after nearly two decades, changes are coming and so are the British.

"I am very excited about this whole British invasion, so to speak," said Bill. "I think it’s something that’s going to be very cool for Danville because we don’t have anything like that."

Tracy and Bill are handing Tina Jesson the reins.

"It’s kind of really weird how these things work out!" said Tina.

Tina is British and five years ago, after moving here with her husband, she served high tea at Court House Grounds.

"It got real popular, we made lots of money, so she went and left us and opened her own store," joked Tracy. "And in Carmel! But anyway, she's doing just wonderful up there."

So she was ready to open a second location right when Tracy and Bill were ready to slow down.

"We’re still here, we own the joint, but we’re turning it all over to Tina," said Tracy.

"So they’re going to be my landlord on one hand, but they’re also going to be my employees on the other!" said Tina. "So the concept is Tina’s Traditional Tea Room and Tavern so you’ll be able to get some nice English beer but also be able to get things like Shepherd’s Pie, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, all those very British items that you just don’t really find in very many places here at all."

"And I do love Danville," Tina said. "It’s such a charming little town and I love being here on the square."

The changeover will happen in early July.

For more, click here.

We also checked out the popular Amo Fish Fry Festival in Hendricks County. Watch the video below for more in the 67-year tradition!

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