Indianapolis police find black tar heroin during arrest

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UPDATE (March 1, 2018)-- Scott Cook took a plea agreement and was sentenced to one year in jail.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis man was arrested this weekend after police find black tar heroin. The drug was found wrapped inside a plastic baggie while police say Scott Cook tried run and tossed it.

DEA agents said the drug isn't new to the United States, but it's been awhile since they've seen it in Indianapolis. Special Agent-In-Charge, Greg Westfall, said years ago, black tar heroin was popular along the West Coast because it came straight from Mexico.

The drug gets it's color during production. Westfall said it's less refined than white heroin, which is more common. The potency levels are about the same.

"It used to be referred to as the poor man’s heroin, but they may now try to bring that in, because they have gotten the purity level up a little bit higher and it’s just as good as anything else," he said.

The biggest concern is still mixing any form of heroin with fentanyl. Westfall said he's even had cases where the drug was being advertised as heroin, but found it's pure fentanyl. There's no way to know if it's laced simply by looking at it.

"Whatever the drug trafficking organizations can get their hands on, to bring them to your streets, here in Indianapolis, to poison your communities to make a profit from addiction, they’re gonna use that, and they’re gonna put it on the streets," said Westfall.

Since heroin is the current drug of choice among many addicts, Westfall said it's likely we'll start to see more of the black tar heroin coming to our area, along with white heroin.

"They’ll put the use amount that they’re selling and then they’ll wrap it in that because it gets gummy, and so, black tar heroin will usually be distributed in balloons," Westfall explained.

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