Man facing charges after allegedly beating victim who suffers from mental disabilities

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Terence McDaniel

NEW CASTLE, Ind.– A New Castle man is facing charges after police say he beat a man with mental disabilities over a period of time.

Terence McDaniel, 30, faces three counts of battery resulting in serious bodily injury to an endangered adult. Court documents describe the victim, 46, as having the functional level of a 6 to 12-year-old.

The abuse happened between May 15 and June 5, prosecutors allege. Police were notified after the victim was absent for a few days from a day care facility he goes to. Once he returned, workers told authorities he had visible injuries, including bruising.

Court documents show McDaniel allegedly punched and/or kicked the man repeatedly, causing bruising to a lung and rib fractures. Police say in one attack there was also bruising on the victim’s genitals.

When police spoke with McDaniel, he reportedly said he may have blacked out during the violence, but admitted to “flipping out” during a confrontation.

McDaniel faces an additional misdemeanor charge of battery resulting in bodily injury after allegedly hitting a woman in the face, court documents show.