Neighbors worry about second fatal shooting at south side apartment complex in past month

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Tonight, some people living on Indy’s south side are wondering if more can be done to stay safe.

A woman was killed and another man shot at Southport Crossing apartments early this morning. The victim was identified as Erin Mills, 34.

“I heard pop, pop, pop, pop,” said Sarah McCann. “And automatically, first thing that comes to mind is fireworks.”

McCann went to bed last night still believing the noise wasn’t gunshots. She woke up to the horrifying news.

“This is just something that’s just recently started to happen here, so it’s kind of unnerving,” said Julia Brisard.

Neighbors are faced with their second murder scene in this apartment community in just over a month, this time in the 7200 block of Creekbrook Drive. In early May, police found 31-year-old Kobi Walden, a local roller derby player, shot to death in woods in the same complex.

And now, police say the suspect may have been responsible for an armed robbery in the same complex just an hour later.

More than ever, McCann, Brisard and other neighbors are worried for their own safety going to and from home.

“That’s my fear about that, that somebody’s going to try and break in and grab me,” said McCann.

McCann and Brisard say they believe poverty and addiction may be driving some of the crime in their neighborhood.

“People are desperate for money right now and that’s how I look at it,” said McCann. “Either way, drugs, robbery, people are desperate for money and it’s sad that people have resorted to this.”

Because of the increasing violence, they want to see the apartment owners put in more streetlights and security cameras.

“There should be way more security,” said McCann. “They should probably have 24-hour security.” 

You’d feel safer walking to your car and knowing that, if something did happen, they’d be able to catch who did it because they’d have footage from cameras,” said Brisard.

Many also suggested bringing together a neighborhood watch group, similar to the ones nearby subdivisions have, to better report on suspicious behavior before it escalates to violent crime. They hope the apartment owners will help them facilitate starting the volunteer organization.

“That could’ve been me,” said Brisard. “It could’ve been my husband. It could’ve been my daughter walking through here.”

If you saw or heard something last night, your urged to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS. You can report anonymously.