Police warn of ‘suspicious person’ claiming to sell alarm systems door to door in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ind. – The Columbus Police Department is warning residents about reports of a “suspicious person” who is claiming to sell alarm systems door to door.

The department has received several complaints from people living in neighborhoods in the northern part of the city, according to a Facebook post.

Police say the person claims to be selling systems for Vault Security and told homeowners that he was registered with the department. Officers say that’s not the case.

“While there is a company called Vault Security located in Texas, we have no record of anyone registering to solicit.”

Police say all solicitors must register with the department in advance and are issued identification paperwork showing they are registered.

Due to a large number of ongoing scams, police are asking residents to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. They’re also advising people to not give out personal information or let strangers into their homes.