Bikers gather to grant South Bend man’s dying wish to hear the roar of Harleys

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Before he died, all Jon Stanley wanted was to hear the roar of a Harley.

A South Bend motorcycle group made sure to grant that final wish, gathering Monday night to fire up their bikes for him, reports WSBT.

Stanley was a biker for years before being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Gravely ill, he wanted to hear that satisfying roar one more time.

An organizer put out a call on Facebook and managed to round up more than 100 motorcycle enthusiasts in just a few hours.

Friends, family and complete strangers rode by his South Bend home Monday night, revving up their engines so Stanley could hear them. They were even able to put him in a side car.

Sadly, Stanley passed away just a few hours after the special tribute, WSBT reported.