Chemical spill at near southwest side plant contained after prompting emergency response

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Image from scene on June 13, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Emergency crews responded early Tuesday morning to a chemical spill at a plant on the near southwest side of Indianapolis.

This was first reported around 4:20 a.m. at Vertellus Specialties located at West Minnesota Street and South Tibbs Avenue. Several agencies were called to the scene. According to the Wayne Township Fire Department, the spill involves dimethylpiperidine and does not extend beyond the plant.

The fire department indicated that there is no hazard to the neighborhood surrounding the plant. Officials said the chemical is used in automotive adhesive.

Workers reported hearing a popping sound in the plant early Tuesday morning. Warning alarms at the plant went off to indicate the spill.

The fire department said the spill has been contained. The response also involved the Indianapolis Fire Department and Decatur Township Fire Department along with the Marion County Health Department.

Vertellus released the following statement about the incident:

Early morning on Tuesday, June 13, the Vertellus facility located at 1500 S. Tibbs Avenue experienced a small release during the process of manufacturing dimethylpiperidine. There were no injuries and the release was contained quickly. There is no risk to employees or to those in the area. The problem was quickly identified and has been resolved.

Vertellus worked closely with the Wayne Township Fire Department and thanks them for their cooperation.