Chief Roach, Mayor Hogsett move public safety campaign from high crime areas into Fountain Square

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett and police Chief Bryan Roach are continuing their efforts to build a safer city, one street at a time.

The two men got together Wednesday afternoon to visit business owners around Fountain Square.

The event marked the fourth time the mayor and chief have teamed up to walk through a neighborhood.

Previous walks focused on some of the city's most troubled neighborhoods like West Washington, 25th and Keystone, and 10th and Rural.

“Last month and the month before we were in focus areas because they have high gun related violence,” said Hogsett.

“Public safety is for everyone, not just the high crime areas,” added Roach.

Unlike some of those previous neighborhoods, Fountain Square has seen lots of public and private investment in recent years. Still, during their walk in Fountain Square, the chief and mayor say their goal is the same. They want to get ideas about what the city can do to prevent violent crime and improve people’s quality of life.

“An area like Fountain Square is not one of the focus areas, but it is one of our entertainment zones. It’s an area that’s a little different than anywhere else in the city, but it’s still important to visit,” said Roach.

“Every resident in high crime or low crime areas deserves a peaceful way of life and safe neighborhood,” said Hogsett. “The truth is no place is immune that’s why we’re trying to stay ahead of any kind of problem. That’s why the chief and I plan to leave no part of Marion county unvisited.”

In the months ahead, the pair plan to have stops on the northwest side as well as downtown.