Indiana lawmakers react to Virginia shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Indiana lawmakers are responding after the attack in Virginia which injured five, including Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Some Indiana’s Congressional delegation know Scalise personally, including Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN). Donnelly said he was at a similar baseball practice just across the river from where the shooting happened.

“We went into the dugout and kind of got with each other and everyone just kind of kept an eye out and then an officer came by,” said Donnelly, “and we also said a prayer, we said the Our Father.”

Carson also remembered a friendly bet he had with Scalise during the 2011 Super Bowl when the Colts took on the New Orleans Saints.

“Steve and I had a bet, and of course I had to wear…Saints memorabilia because I lost,” said Carson, “and found him to be a very jovial guy.”

That bet was a lighthearted moment that was above politics. Some now say we need to see more of those moments.

“We may disagree on methodology and approach, but our differences are pretty mild because we’re all human beings and we want the same thing,” said Carson.

In the wake of the shooting, there are also new calls to clean up the contempt that seems wash back and forth across the current political divide.

“Democrats and Republicans, we have a responsibility to walk back on the rhetoric and to put a pause on the more hurtful attacks that are not constructive,” said Carson.