Police: Suspect in break-ins at Muncie home arrested after selling stolen items

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Shawn Conwell

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man accused of stealing weapons, video games and video game consoles from a Muncie home was caught after selling some of the missing items, police say.

According to court documents, a man reported that someone had entered his home on May 1 by breaking a window in the back door. The victim said several video game consoles were missing, including an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Controllers for the consoles had also been stolen.

In addition, the thief took an AR-15 rifle, an AK-47-style rifle and some ammunition. He also dumped out a green military-style duffel back and took it. The homeowner noticed the thief stabbed a butterfly knife into a door frame, according to court documents.

A neighbor had noticed a man knocking on the door and messing with the mailbox before he went to the back of the house. The neighbor said he didn’t see the individual after that.

On May 11, the homeowner said someone broke into his home once more, again breaking a window in the back door to gain entry. During the second theft, the thief made off with several Xbox and PlayStation games, flat screen televisions, a Craftsman lawn mower and a green military duffel bag with the homeowner’s name stenciled on it.

The victim’s neighbor reported seeing the same person at the home’s front door on the night of the second theft and said a second person had accompanied him. Based on the description of the suspect, the homeowner told police that Shawn Conwell was the likely culprit.

The man said Conwell and a woman stayed with him for a couple nights in December 2016. The homeowner later learned that Conwell was a thief.

A search of local pawn shops turned up recent sales from Conwell, including one for a Craftsman lawn mower, which he sold to KT Pawn in Muncie for $25. The homeowner identified the mower as the same one he’d reported stolen, court documents said.

Further investigation found Conwell had sold video games to GameStop stores in Muncie and Anderson. Police said Conwell sold 68 PS3 games to the GameStop at the Muncie Mall for $134.24 and 79 Xbox 360 games at the Anderson location on Scatterfield Road for $213.70, according to court documents.

The homeowner looked through the games and told investigators that some of them were from his collection. He positively identified Conwell as the suspect after looking at surveillance photos from the Muncie store. A check of surveillance video from the Anderson store showed Conwell entering the store with a green military-style bag with the homeowner’s name stenciled on it.

Conwell was arrested on charges of theft and burglary.