National Ask Day unites groups calling for stricter gun laws and Second Amendment supporters

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CARMEL, Ind. - Organizations calling for stricter gun laws and Second Amendment supporters united Wednesday for National Ask Day.

The day is put on by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Brady Organization and encourages  parents to ask the caretakers of their children's friends if guns are stored safely in the home.

“It may sound intrusive, but I think it’s totally appropriate to say, ‘are there guns in the home? Are those guns locked up? Are they secure?'" gun advocate and founder of The Law Office of Guy A. Relford, Guy Relford, said. "And that’s not an anti-gun message. I’m the most ardent second amendment supporter there is, but I wouldn’t hesitate to ask those questions. Just because I store my guns responsibly that doesn’t mean everyone does, and if anyone is offended by that I don’t think they are taking the safety of the child as their first priority.”

Relford has taught gun safety for more than 20 years to children and adults. He said gun safety is a sometimes a difficult conversation for parents to have with their children, but it shouldn't be.

"I don’t put gun safety in any different category than any other kind of safety whether you’re talking about swimming pool safety or traffic safety," Relford said. "Your kids won't be under your belt all the time so those kids need to know how to react if they come across a gun."

The Pew Research Center said about a third of homes in America that have kids in them also have gun and a study recently published in the journal, "Pediatrics," found 1,300 children die from a gun-related injury each year.

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