Delphi teen airlifted to hospital after falling off four-wheeler onto road

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PITTSBURG, Ind. – A 14-year-old boy had to be airlifted to a hospital after falling off a four-wheeler and hitting his head on a roadway Wednesday.

The accident happened in the area of County Road 935 West, just south of County Road 310 North near Pittsburg .

Police say the injured teen was one of two passengers on a 1999 Yamaha Bear Tracker four-wheeler driven by another 14-year-old.

As they were traveling from a grass field onto the roadway, the injured passenger’s ball cap reportedly flew off his head. While attempting to catch it, police say the teen lost his balance and fell off, hitting his head on the road.

The injured teen was airlifted by IU Health Lifeline to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis to be treated for a head injury.

Police say no safety equipment was being worn at the time of the crash. Conservation officers strongly encourage anyone operating an off-road vehicle to wear the proper protective equipment along with a helmet.

A new state law, effective July 1, requires operators and passengers of an off-road vehicle, that are under the age of 18, to wear a DOT approved helmet.  A valid driver’s license is also required while operating on a public roadway where permitted.