Alexandria woman says she was scammed out of thousands after hiring roof repairman

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ALEXANDRIA, Ind. -- An 82-year-old Alexandria woman says she was scammed out of thousands of dollars after hiring someone to fix her roof. Now, she’s hoping the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office can help her find justice.

Beverly Masters says she paid Jayson Ashby $8,000 to fix her roof last October. Masters claims that Ashby asked for the money up front so he could pay workers and she obliged.

“So I gave him all the money he asked and he said he needed $800 more because the wood was so bad,” said Masters.

She claims she gave Ashby that money and he then started the job, however shortly afterwards he stopped working.

“He came by a couple of times and that’s all I’ve ever seen of him,” said Masters. “I’ve tried to call him but he never answered his cell phone and I couldn’t get in contact with him.”

Masters claims that over the course of eight months, Ashby sporadically came to her house but never finished the job. She also claims that Ashby took materials for the job that she had already paid for and has hasn’t returned them, prompting her to seek out legal options.

As a result of her action, Madison County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Ashby for home improvement fraud and theft last month. In a probable cause document prosecutors allege:

“Jayson N Ashby, a home improvement supplier, entered into a home improvement contract and knowingly promised performance that Jason N Ashby did not intend to perform or knew would not be performed.”

Ashby was arrested but has yet to have a court date. Now Beverly Masters says she hopes the courts can get things resolved.

A member of the South Meridian Church of God has offered to help fix Masters' roof. The woman's family has created a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the repairs. If you'd like to help, you can contact Sammie Blevins at

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