Applicants for jobs in Indiana’s executive branch won’t be asked if they’ve been convicted of a crime

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Governor Eric Holcomb issued an executive order Thursday changing hiring policies in Indiana state government.

Starting July 1, initial employment applications for job openings within the executive branch of the State of Indiana will no longer ask applicants if they have been arrested or convicted of a crime.

“This executive order will give Hoosiers with criminal records a second chance by helping them overcome the stigma of their past and live productive lives,” Gov. Holcomb said. “We are giving those with criminal records more opportunity to seek public service as a state employee.”

The “Fair Chance” executive order can be viewed online here.

Prior to the order taking effect, state  employment applications would ask applicants to report if they have been convicted of a crime that has not been expunged or sealed by a court and if they have been arrested for a crime with charges still pending.

Holcomb says this disclosure can discourage qualified, skilled candidates from applying. Indiana will continue to conduct background checks on applicants before hiring them.

In some cases, such as an application for a family case manager position with the Indiana Department of Child Services, applicants will still be asked about their criminal records because it is required by law.

“While I do not believe governments should dictate employers’ hiring processes, I believe everyone deserves a second chance,” Gov. Holcomb said. “For that reason, the state agencies under my watch will provide those with a criminal record more opportunity to join the workforce.”

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