Camp Little Red Door: A camp for kids in active cancer treatment or remission

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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. -- Many kids are going to summer camp this time of year, but you can find a camp that’s extra special at Bradford Woods.

Camp Little Red Door is a week-long camp for kids who are in active cancer treatment or remission. With camp fires and pool time, there's plenty of classic camp activities, but for kids like Kate Madigan, it's a lot more than just a fun time.

"I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 when I was 3," Madigan said.

"The thing most people don’t understand is, how hard it is -- they know it’s not good, but they don’t know how hard it is."

At Camp Little Red Door, Kate can find friends who can relate.

"Coming here is just a break from everything and we get to have a lot of fun," Madigan said.

Each camper is able to bring a friend to share in their experience. For the past five years, Kate has brought her best friend Aryanna Ryals to camp.

"I was at the hospital with her when she was getting a check-up and they mentioned the camp to us," Ryals said.

"The first year we were kind of shy, so we had each other. I think for most people, it’s easier to have a friend with you, so you feel more comfortable at first, but then you branch out to other friends. We’ve made a lot of friends who keep coming over the years," Ryals said.

This year, Aryanna wanted to do something special for her friend: She decided to donate all her hair to those who need it and shave the rest of her head.

"I'm going to donate as much as possible and then I’m going to shave it, for Kate," Ryals said.

Kate is cancer free right now and goes back to the doctor for regular check ups.

This years’ summer camp just wrapped up, but Little Red Door is offering a new camp experience for the entire family in the spring and fall. For more information, click here.