Your Town Friday: Brownsburg mom of four finds fashion success

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. - There aren't many historic buildings left in Brownsburg. Abby McKinney can't believe she snatched a spot in one for Ella Mae's Boutique.

So who is Ella Mae?

"It's my grandma!" said Abby. "She's awesome. She's 90 now!"

Grandma's namesake opened for business three years ago.

"It started really small. I think I had eight pieces of clothing when I first started!"

Not too long before that, Abby didn't have much time to even think about what she was wearing, let alone dress her community.

"My background is in education," said Abby. "I was a special education teacher for five years and I loved it but I needed to be home more. We have four children."

She started selling online before opening a brick and mortar store.

"I love to be creative and I’m really impulsive which has gotten me in trouble in the past, but it helps here."

Abby gets new women's and girls clothing daily. She only gets a handful of each piece and oftentimes Hendricks County women buy it up before she can even get it on the website.

As a former teacher, it's no surprise she thought about keeping the kids happy too and has a play area to keep them busy.

"I still every day kind of have to pinch myself. It amazes me. Even week to week I think, oh we can’t be busier than we were last week, and we are. And I contribute that to the community. They’ve been behind me since day one. They supported me and I couldn’t do it all if it wasn’t for them."

And Abby hopes her three-year-old business will have the same longevity as her grandma.

"She’s just always been a positive female role model in my life," said Abby. "Her, my mom and I are just so close and I thought what better way to honor her than to have her name on here."

So what's next for Ella Mae's Boutique? That would be Ella Mae's Formal! You can buy or rent formal clothing.

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