Bloomington police say synthetic drug caused over two dozen overdoses in two weeks

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Police in Bloomington say a synthetic drug is behind an outbreak of overdoses. Now, there are concerns that more people are being affected than numbers show.

Since June 21, Bloomington police say there have been at least 25 people have overdosed on spice, a drug originally created as a synthetic form of marijuana.

“All of these people are overdosing, but it’s much more of an overdose that we would see with high levels of intoxication,” Captain Steve Kellams said.

Thus far, current overdose numbers are coming from cases involving police interactions, which mean it’s possible, and likely there could be significantly more. Part of the problem with the drug is that its “recipe” is completely unknown, so people could potentially be ingesting any number of chemicals at any given time.

Police say there have been some arrests in these cases, but because the drug is sold everywhere, including on the internet, tracking down a source is difficult.

“It’s not entirely a law enforcement problem.  It involves a variety of the community, and we kind of need their help not only to help us deal with the problem but to help us accurately track that problem as well,” Kellams said.

So far there have been no deaths attributed to a spice overdose. Police say they are looking into one case, though it’s unclear if spice was involved.

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