Red Bull Global Rallycross aims to entertain in Indianapolis debut

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INDIANAPOLIS Ind.- Red Bull Global Rallycross will make its Indianapolis debut this weekend, and series points leader Tanner Foust says it's the perfect place to introduce Indy's strong motorsports heritage to a new form of racing.

“I think the greatest part about this sport honestly is one, the entertainment factor of the racing itself, and then the cars, the cars are so incredible,” Foust said.

And instead of just taking Tanner's word for it, I got a firsthand preview of the action at Lucas Oil Raceway. Suiting up and strapping in for a ride alongside Team Subaru driver Chris Atkinson.

An adrenaline-pumping, white-knuckle ride over a wild course that's part Raceway oval, part dirt track and all thrills from my front seat view, especially when you hit the series' signature 70 foot jump.

“These cars, I think are some of the most talented race cars in the world,” Foust explained. “They go zero-to-60 in 1.9 seconds, they can jump 100 to 120 feet and land like a Baja truck and still pull 2-Gs in the corner better than any super car on the road. They’re amazing cars.”

When asked if there’s a difference in the buzz around Indy, given the passionate racing community of central Indiana, Foust responded, “It’s very true. There are a huge number of racing enthusiasts here unlike some of the venues that we go to. One of the great things about rallycross is that we go to new places and some places don’t really have a race track and we just have to make one out of nowhere. But here you have great racing enthusiasm and you have great racing heritage where you get to bring a whole new motorsport people have never seen before.”

Sunday's race also kicks off the second half of the series schedule.

“The Volkswagen/Andretti team has done a great job, a lot of other teams are in the hunt. The points structure is such that it can all go away very fast,” Foust explained.

The Raceway's Rallycross format not only thrilling from my spot in the passenger's seat, but the drivers hope for a memorable experience for fans regardless of their viewpoints.

“You just have to pay attention for three-and-a-half minutes, basically, and you get a drag racing start, you get crashes and jumps and dirt and pavement and ovals and sliding all in that three-and-a-half minutes. So it’s super entertaining. So I think people who are racing enthusiasts and who didn’t think of themselves as racing enthusiasts will love rallycross this weekend.

Rallycross Super Car practice and qualifying are set for Saturday, with the Super Car final race at 7pm Sunday. For more information on the Red Bull Rallycross series, click here.

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