Fireworks are suspected cause of Hendricks County house fire

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind.- A Hendricks County family is asking for the community’s help after a fire destroyed their home on the Fourth of July. Authorities think this fire may have been started by errant fireworks.

Most of what the Woods family has left can fit in the back of their minivan.

“We’ve lost everything pretty much in this,” said Leah Woods.

The trouble began Tuesday night when Leah smelled something burning.

“I started smelling what smelled like burnt plastic,” said Leah, “[I] opened the front door and there were flames shooting from the side of the house, all the way out.”

It’s believed a firework’s burning shrapnel, fallen from the sky, caught a trashcan on fire starting the blaze that left their home almost destroyed.

“We’ve never been through anything like this before and we’re all starting at ground zero,” said David Woods.

Six people were home at the time, with everyone escaping alright. Since then, they’ve gotten by with help from their family and neighbors.

“We’re humbled,” said Leah, “we have literally almost nothing and we have so much because we have each other and the love of the community,” said Leah.

If you’d like to help be sure to check out the family’s GoFundMe page.