McDonald’s testing Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries at some locations

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Image from McDonald's

McDonald’s fries often rank at or near the top when to comes to foot-food fries, and the folks at the Golden Arches are set to up their fry game in a big way.

McDonald’s is testing new Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries at certain locations. The new menu item uses the chain’s famous French fries as the base and then adds cheddar cheese sauce and Applewood-smoked bacon.

A basket of the fries costs $3.99—and it’s meant to be shareable.

According to Delish, the fries are being tested at locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Central West Virginia, Southeast Ohio and Eastern Kentucky.

The bacon-and-cheese fries are a response to competitors like Wendy’s and Rally’s that offer different types of loaded French fries.

McDonald’s currently serves loaded fries at several international locations and recently launched them in Mexico, according to Brand Eating.

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