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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s a great way to get locally produced food and products delivered, and have fresh picked freshness.  Market Wagon serves customers and provides local growers a place to sell their products quickly and easily.

“We love it as we sell all kinds of items including this gazpacho which is loaded with vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, cilantro, garlic, and it also doubles as a great bloody mary mix,” said Peter Courtney, Co-Owner Movable Feast.

Market Wagon has all kinds of unique and typical local products they get to customers through their website.  The site is simple for customers to use.

“You get your orders in by Tuesday at midnight.  Then at 1 am, an automatic email goes to all 92 of our farms and artisans and tells them exactly what they need to bring.  So if you’re a produce vendor, that means that’s what you’re picking that Wednesday,” said Nick Carter, CEO Market Wagon.

What people order is delivered in padded tote bags that arrive on Thursday.  Aside from going to the farm and picking it yourself, vendors say it’s tough to beat the freshness.  And it’s not just about produce but artisan items as well.

“This is totally gluten free.  It’s also vegan.  There’s no dairy in this bread or eggs, soy, corn or nuts.  So it’s free of the top eight allergens as well, and customers say it tastes great, so it’s bread for everyone,” said Hayley Mcginley, Owner Native Bread.

For vendors, it’s good because it cuts out uncertainty.  There is no waste which keeps prices down and keeps overhead at a minimum.

“So, I get the number of orders and I know exactly what people ordered.  I can then bake specifically what was ordered so it’s really convenient that way,” said Mcginley.

“We sell micro greens and we do food services retail, all over.  But our favorite service we provide is growing locally to feed local and Market Wagon is the best company and people to do that,” said Brian Truax, Co Owner Falling Waters Farm.

The variety of what is offered is quite extensive.  They have produce, baked goods, butcher shop items, dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains, granola, pasta, oils and vinegar, pet treats and handmade crafts.

“With us today I’ve got our Ball Park mustard and our black and cajun.  We also sell ketchups.  We make artisan condiments here in Indianapolis.  We produce just a little bit south of the city.  We’re Batch No. 2,” said Zach Rohn, owner of Batch No. 2

“We like to say we Shine the lime light on specialty coffee in Indianapolis.  And to partner with Market Wagon just makes sense.  They do such a great marketing job it’s easy for me to just deliver my product to one location and it gets distributed out,” said Liz Laughlin, Owner Limelight Coffee Roasters.

For the customer, freshness and uniqueness is often key.  But sometimes that comes with above average pricing, but not always.

“Because we are working directly with the farms and producers you can often find price reductions.  Just this week we had a farmer walk outside and look at his field and saw he was going to have more cucumbers than he could possibly sell, so now there are cucumbers on Market Wagon for half off,” said Carter.

If you’re interested, go to their Market Wagon website and check out what they have to offer.  There is no subscription fee, no commitment or contracts.  People can buy exactly what they need and only what they can afford.


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