Community working to prevent more youth crime after teen is arrested in triple shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A 15-year-old was arrested in connection with a triple homicide Tuesday.

The teen is not even old enough to drive and definitely not old enough to own a gun. Anti-violence advocates feel the possibility that a young man could be behind such a horrific crime should serve as a wake-up call.

“It’s truly alarming,” said Reverend Malachi Walker, with Young Men Incorporated.

Rev. Malachi Walker runs Young Men Inc., a program meant to empower young men to make good decisions and learn that violence is never the answer.

“That’s why they’re here, so they can realize that taking other people’s lives is not something that is normal,” said Rev. Malachi Walker.

Sunday evening, three men were gunned down in their north side apartment. Dominique Miller, 25, Jordan Wright, 25, and Justin Crowder, 19 were pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators believe the victims were targeted, but they aren’t saying more on the motive.

Police say a couple hours after the shooting, a teen showed up to the hospital with injuries. Detectives quickly connected the 15-year-old with the deadly shooting and arrested him.

“The time we are living in now you’re getting young kids that age obtaining guns and able to go out and use them to rob, steal and even kill. That’s sad,” said Rev. Walker.

Anti-violence advocates know kids younger and younger are getting involved in crime and it’s a problem that’s impacting the entire community. Boys between the ages of 8-17 spend part of their summers talking about ways to stay out of trouble. This year is the first year the program has enrolled 7 year olds.

“Starting at a young age now is very, very important,” said Rev. Walker.

Dana O’Connor is a mother of two teenage boys who have been enrolled in Young Men Inc. summer camp for years. One of O’Connor’s sons is a 15-year-old, the same age as the triple homicide suspect.

“I don’t like it makes me want to cry and it hurts my heart,” said Dana O’Connor, mother of two teenagers.

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