Muncie nurse released on $25K bond after reckless homicide charge following heroin deal

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Rachelle Tucker

MUNCIE, Ind. – A Muncie nurse arrested for reckless homicide after police say she was involved in a bad heroin deal has been released on a $25,000 bond.

Rachelle Tucker, 29, is a nurse at a nursing home. She was arrested for reckless homicide, dealing narcotics, obstruction of justice and false informing in connection with the death of Dustin Rhodes, 29. Matt Shackelfurd, 32, also faces charges in his death.

Muncie police launched an investigation after Rhodes was found dead on Penn Street early Saturday morning.

Rhodes’ neighbors directed police to a resident in the 2400 block of South Penn who they say is involved in heroin.

Police spoke with Shackelfurd, and he said he was hanging out with Tucker when Rhodes contacted him about buying heroin.

According to court documents, Rhodes bought $65 worth of heroin from Shackelfurd in the parking lot outside Tucker’s apartment.

Shackelfurd told police Rhodes began nodding off after ingesting heroin, and Tucker told him to move Rhodes’ unconscious body out of the parking lot.

Police say Shackelfurd called his friend to help move Rhodes.

His friend told police he picked up Shackelfurd and Rhodes and took them to Shackelfurd’s home around 4 a.m. He says he believes Rhodes was still breathing at the time.

Matt Shackelfurd

According to court documents, Shackelfurd said he didn’t want to call 911 for help because he didn’t want police at his residence. Instead, he told his friend where he put Rhodes’ body and the friend called 911. The friend will not face charges.

A search warrant was granted for Tucker’s residence, and police say they found heroin, digital scales, a blank prescription pad and paraphernalia.

Shackelfurd is still in jail with bond set at $17,500.