US 31 lane restrictions to begin at Flatrock River Bridge in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ind.—The Indiana Department of Transportation will begin restricting traffic on U.S. Highway 31 to a single lane in each direction at the Flatrock River Bridge located between Market and Washington Streets—weather permitting—as soon as this Friday evening.

This $254,100 bridge deck overlay project at Columbus is charged with applying a 3/8-inch coating of polymeric epoxy in two lifts to the U.S. 31 structure’s driving surface.  Work will be done along a single lane northbound and a single lane southbound to avoid complete closure of the bridge.

The tough “polycarb” overlay will seal the bridge deck against moisture intrusion and deterioration. Chips of flint mix with the epoxy to create a long-lasting surface friction for better stopping and maneuverability.

The U.S. 31 bridge deck is 544 feet in length and 31½ feet in width.  Traffic count at Flat Rock River is nearly 23,000 vehicles per day.

INDOT’s contract completion date is set for September 29.