Greenfield police discover psychedelic mushroom grow operation

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GREENFIELD, Ind.— Greenfield police are looking for two suspects after they said a security check of a home led to the discovery of what officers believe was a psychedelic mushroom grow operation.

Investigators said Sunday, they were called to the 400 block of Brookstone Drive where a residence had its door open and dogs running into the street. Inside, they made a discovery they call "different" for their area.

“Haven’t seen it in a 32-year career,” said Greenfield Police Lt. Randy Ratliff.

Police said they found an empty home, and during a search warrant, an elaborate setup to grow psilocybin, or psychedelic mushrooms. Police said they also found MDMA, marijuana, narcotics paraphernalia and unknown white powders. Police said they believe a 3-year-old child lived in the house.

“I don’t think they had actually got any a whole lot of developed product done yet, that's they were just in the process of starting,” Ratliff said. “I would almost wager a bet they were selling.”

According to court documents, police talked with one of the residents on the phone. She told them they were going to Terre Haute to visit family and that there was marijuana inside, though they weren’t growing that, “but they were growing lettuce for their pet Iguana.”

Police said they’re looking for Zachary Titara, 24, and Alison Schweitzer, 23, of Greenfield. Both are facing a number of drug related charges and a felony charge of neglect of a dependent.  Ratliff said police believe the child is with them.

But while officers search for the couple, news of the discovery took some neighbors on the quiet residential street by surprise Friday.

“That’s very upsetting because there’s children next door, there’s children on this side of me, there’s children in this whole neighborhood,” Doris Hillan said.

“I kind of giggled, I was completely caught off guard,” Brittany Hanes said.

Police said if you spot Titara or Schweitzer to call 911.