Indiana Pacers unveil brand new uniform design

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Indiana Pacers unveiled their new uniforms Friday night, along with a new logo and court look.

“In Indiana, basketball is more than a pastime. It’s part of everything we do. We don’t just “play” basketball. We live it. #WeGrowBasketballHere Introducing the new look of Pacers basketball,” the team said in a tweet.

The white uniforms are named “Association” and the navy uniforms are called “Icon.”

“It’s a great new look for the new look Pacers,” said Lance Stephenson. “They fit great, they look great. I think fans are really going to like them. I like them so much I’m going to buy my own jersey.”

Myles Turner likes them as well.

“I think Nike did a really good job with the look of the whole uniform, from the shorts to the tops,” he said. “Aside from the look, they did their homework into making them comfortable for the players. These uniforms are going to be very popular.”

The Pacers also displayed their new logo that features an outline of the state of Indiana as well as a new brand platform, “We Grow Basketball Here.”

“As we enter our 51st season, we wanted to create a uniform that stayed true to our traditional roots while becoming a bit more modern in the process,” said Todd Taylor, chief marketing officer for Pacers Sports & Entertainment. “We believe the new uniform with both modern and traditional elements is the balance we were looking for.”

The Pacers say the new “dimensional farmland” design represents the rising sun shining on Indiana’s farmlands.