Officers deal with shock, anguish after Southport Lt. shot and killed

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Officers across Central Indiana are trying to wrap their minds around how a Southport police officer was shot and killed as he was trying to help people involved in a car accident.

Lt. Aaron Allan was fatally shot in Homecroft, Thursday, when he approached a vehicle that had crashed and flipped. Police arrested 28-year-old Jason Brown, an occupant of that car, on suspicion of murder in the shooting and killing of Allan.

"That’s the part we’re trying to deal with today," explained Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn. "It’s not like we were going to a shots fired call or anything like that. It was an accident"

"The car is upside down and his life is gone," added Pastor Wynne Berry of the Judah Life Destiny Church and an IMPD Chaplain. He was with several grieving officers Thursday evening. He described the day as a nightmare.

"Shock. Solemn. I’m sure there was some anger. I didn’t see much of anger, but I’m sure there was some anger," said Berry.

He believes many officers will now be dealing with anxiety, because of the tragic circumstances.

"They're gonna be more guarded," said Berry. "The good thing about this is they’re professionals. They’re surrounded by professionals that will speak into their lives, that will keep them focused."

"It might come up in their mind a minute, but they’re going to do what they need to do," added mental health expert Kimble Richardson, who works for Community Health Network. He believes first responders will pull through as they always do, but this tragedy may trigger past traumatic events for others.

"It brings up memories for other people who have gone through other critical incidents," said Richardson. "Sometimes emotions and reactions can rise to the top."

"They’re going to look at this and they’re going to use it in future training method to be aware and alert," said Berry.

Some symptoms of PTSD include anxiety, anger, isolation, and loss of sleep. If you notice any changes in behavior in your loved ones, get them help immediately.