Widow of fallen IMPD officer discusses death of Southport officer, explains how community can help the family

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Following the death of Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan, the widow of another fallen officer spoke with FOX59 about what the Allan family may be going through.

Jamie Bradway's husband, IMPD officer Rod Bradway, was killed in the line of duty on September 20, 2013. He was ambushed as he entered an apartment unit after hearing a woman scream for help. Bradway's response is credited with saving the life of that woman and her child.

Bradway received top recognition after his death when he was awarded a Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart.

Jamie talked openly and candidly about the difficult road ahead for Stacey Allan and her family, and described numerous ways other officers can and will support them.

Allen was killed in the line of duty responding to a car crash and Jamie said there are many things the community can do now and continue to do to support the family. She said she appreciated cards and letters with memories about her husband.

She encourages the community to continue sharing stories with the family about how that officer served the community and what he meant to the people he touched.

“Don’t think, 'Oh I can’t talk about him because it’s going to make her cry.'  She wants to hear those stories, she wants to hear about her husband,” said Jamie, noting it is a very important first step in the healing process.