Southport police surprise Kokomo boy raising money for family of fallen officer

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KOKOMO, Ind. -- A 5-year-old boy in Kokomo is doing his part to help the family of a fallen Southport police officer.

“Because they serve our world,” said Malachi Fronczak of Malachi’s Magnificent Lemonade Stand.

Last Thursday, Lt. Aaron Allan responded to a crash. The driver, Jason Brown was trapped and witnesses described him as “hysterical.” Newly released court documents revealed Lt. Allan stuck his head in the passenger’s side and tried calming him down.  Brown then allegedly shot Lt. Allan 14 times. Two officers fired back at Brown.

“Right now, there are grieving families, a grieving community, grieving police departments and that’s our priority. That’s what we do,” said Scott Ruszkowski, South Bend Police Chief.

A team of officers from across the state is planning services for Lt. Allan and IMPD Chief Deputy Waters. Both died the same day.

“That’s the last thing that people remember. It’s for the other officers, a type of closure if you will, but more importantly it’s for the family,” said Chief Ruszkowski.

This past weekend, Malachi decided the proceeds from his lemonade stand needed a bigger purpose.

“I’m going to give it to Officer Allan’s family,” said Malachi.

Officers from the Southport Police Department saw Malachi’s kind act through social media and wanted to surprise him and say thank you.

“For him to do it on his own, you know, you just choked down the tears,” said Tom Vaughn, Southport Police Chief.

Lemonade for police officers is always free at Malachi’s stand, but on Monday, hugs were on the house too.

At last check, Malachi’s Magnificent Lemonade stand has raised more than $1,300 for Lt. Allan’s family.

If you can’t make it to Malachi’s stand, located in the 700 block of S Bell Street, you can also donate to this GoFundMe account set up by Chief Vaughn.