‘This is real, folks!’: Texas calf has uncanny resemblance to KISS frontman Gene Simmons

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Left: Genie (image from Hill Country Visitor); Right: Gene Simmons (image from Getty)

KERRVILLE, Texas — The resemblance is uncanny.

A calf born last week at a Texas ranch is a veritable doppelganger for KISS frontman Gene Simmons. Genie’s even gotten the attention of Simmons, who tweeted about the calf Sunday.

“This is real, folks!!!” Simmons wrote on Twitter.

The calf was born Friday at a ranch near Kerrville, Texas, which is about 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. Genie continues to stick her tongue out like the rock-and-roll star. The distinctive black-and-white pattern on her face also looks like Simmons’ famous makeup.

Heather Taccetta, who lives at the ranch with her family, shared the photo with the Hill Country Visitor website.

The site’s Facebook page had some fun with it, tagging Simmons and asking him, “Gene Simmons, where were you on or about Nov. 25, 2016?”

Taccetta also works at the local Cowboy Steak House. She said Genie won’t be sold for slaughter and will instead rock on as a family favorite.

“Now obviously, we can’t serve this fine specimen, we may just keep Genie as a mascot for the steakhouse,” according to a Facebook post about the calf.

Genie is now a hit on social media, having been featured in stories across the internet. The Hill Country Visitor is now hoping to convince Simmons to come to Cowboy Steak House with Genie for a dinner and fundraiser.