Cops raid suspected meth house, also find guns and bombs

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COLUMBUS, Ind.- We are learning details about a huge drug and weapons bust in Bartholomew County. Thursday night, local and federal agents raided a home in Columbus on West State Road 46.

Inside, authorities say they found an active meth lab, a pot-growing operation, nearly a hundred guns and even home-made explosives.

“It’s important that we got this when we did because a lot of that marijuana and other drugs was going to be in the community,” said Sergeant Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police.

Authorities recovered 25 pounds of pot, heroin and meth, all which was ready for distribution, according to authorities.

“It’s still too early to say how organized it is,” said Wheeles, “we don’t know how deep the operation runs.”

On top of all the drugs, police also found 75 guns and eight improvised explosive devices which authorities say were pipe bombs made out of PVC.

The homeowner, 59-year-old Gregory Traylor, was taken to the Bartholomew County Jail and authorities say more arrests could be coming.

Traylor is facing numerous charges and authorities say more could be filed as the investigation continues. Multiple agencies are working the case including the ATF.