Strategies for saving money on your cell phone bill

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Most Americans spend more money than they need to on internet or cell phone service.  While many do some research, it's anything but exhaustive.  The first tip to lower your bill is bundling.

"Certainly bundling is an option for us at Comcast, but it's an option for other companies, too, so look at existing devices you might have or other services you have and see if there's a phone bundle you can get, or maybe even a discount," said Michael Wilson, public relations director at Comcast Indiana.

Wilson knows bundling can save you big bucks on your service.  Something else that's brand new this week is a new cell phone service provider in Indiana.

"We are seeing people coming in to pay their bill and they see the Xfinity mobile signs and products and they're like, 'Wait a minute, you guys have cell phones, too?' And we're like, 'Yeah!'" said Trae Paicely, a sales representative for Comcast/Xfinity.

In case you think Xfinity just sells some off-brand cell phone along with service, that's not the case.  They have iPhones and popular Android-based phones from Samsung and LG.  You can buy them outright or do a monthly plan to pay for the phone and service.  Wherever you shop, research their prices, plans and deals.

Have you ever gotten a $200 bill for a $100 phone plan?  That's not that uncommon when you go over your data usage.  So either look for an unlimited data plan, or try to stick to WiFi wherever you are.

"If you can't always be on a wireless network, know how much data you are actually using on that 3G or 4G network because that can end up getting pretty costly if you go over," said Wilson.

Here's another tip and fact most people don't know about that can stretch your dollar: these days, when people move, they rarely change their wireless number.  At the same time, they also often don't update their address. That can have a huge impact on your bill as some states have much higher taxes than others, including our neighbors.

"The taxes that are added on aren't nearly as high in Indiana as they are in Illinois, so if you don't update your cellular plan and your address, you're still going to be paying those Illinois taxes even though you live in Indiana, and that could amount to 100 bucks a month," said Wilson.

To save those bucks, know your typical data usage, it's on your bill, or you can generally dial a number and find out.  If you know how much data you use, shop for something that fits you.  Many companies run deals.

"For instance, at Xfinity we have two major things we are doing right now whether it's unlimited or pay by the gig.  For the pay by the gig, at the moment we're doing $12 per gigabyte.  For unlimited we're doing $45," said Paicely.

So shop, compare, and know what you use individually or as a family.