Funeral escort killed in crash during procession

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A funeral procession Saturday afternoon turned deadly after a motorcycle escort is hit by a car, killing the motorcycle’s driver. Authorities say a car pulled out fast from an alley right into the procession on 30th Street at Winthrop Avenue, hitting the bike and killing its driver.

“Anything can happen in the blink of a second,” said Jason Johnson. He knows that all too well.

Johnson happened to be the other motorcycle escort in the procession when the accident happened.

“He lost his life all because somebody didn’t want to stop,” said Johnson, “and that’s sad.”

Johnson said the victim had a family and remembered him as a good person. The victim’s identity hasn’t been released, but we do know he was a retiree who now worked for Indianapolis Funeral Escort Service.

“Whenever you see a funeral procession it’s respectful to the person who died…to not interrupt that funeral procession,” said IMPD Lt. Terry Eden, who was at the scene investigating.

Police are still investigating but say after the crash, the driver of the car remained at the scene; however, his passenger did not.

Authorities are still looking for that person, who they describe as a white male wearing a red cap, looking unkempt.

The driver of the car was taken away for a blood test, but police at the scene gave no indication as to whether they suspected he was under the influence.