Meteor shower in the forecast; Coolest August in 8 years

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Scanning weather records - this is the coolest opening week to a August in Indianapolis in 8 years. The average temperature is running -3.5° below normal.  2017 currently ranks among the coolest 13% on record ranking 19th coolest overall.


How about these early morning lows! A real treat for August.  It was as cool as 46-degrees in Knox (Fulton county) early Tuesday.  Low like this are more typical of later September!

Dry air heats up fast.  The humidity is low and temperatures were warming fast.  Many area thermometers were up nearly 30-degrees since early this morning.



Weather permitting we will see the annual Perseid meteor shower peaking late Friday and early Saturday morning.

The annual event takes place as the earth's orbit around the sun passes through the debris left behind by comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle and may produce a couple per minute. According to NASA 25 to 50 per hour.

We may have clouds around and will be fine tuning the forecast over the next few days but often we can certainly see a few 'shooting-stars' in the nights before and after peak activity.

Look to the north and northeast skies well after sunset and before sunrise each of the next few days and good luck!