Stolen cell phone leads woman to lure thieves to hospital, sparks police shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A stolen cell phone and a woman’s plan to catch two robbery suspects led to a Southport police captain being hit by a car outside Methodist Hospital.

Speeding away from the hospital last Wednesday, the pair of accused thieves drove into the officer’s leg. The injured officer then opened fire.

“When the officer fell, they took off,” said Anaya Walker. “I ran up and I was like, ‘I’m sorry. You was not supposed to get hit.’”

Anaya Walker still feels bad the officer got hurt. She says days earlier she put a phone for sale on an app called Letgo and agreed to meet Brandon Hayworth, who Walker says identifies as transgender, as well as Christopher Thompson.

When the trio met at a Chase bank, Anaya claims Hayworth stole her phone. That’s when Anaya made the suspect a promise.

“I told her you and your boyfriend are going to be in jail by the end of the week because you picked the wrong one to mess with,” said Walker.

After posting another phone for sale on Letgo, Anaya says the same suspect contacted her and organized the fateful meeting at Methodist. Anaya even warned the hospital security guards ahead of time.

“I said I was robbed for my cell phone. They may be coming here trying to do it again,” said Walker.

After the shooting, police tracked the suspects down near 46th and Arlington, because the suspects called Anaya as she was talking to detectives and still wanted to buy her phone.

According to an affidavit, both suspects admitted to trying to run away from police because they had active warrants and the driver confessed the pair had stolen multiple people's phones.

That’s why Anaya is glad the suspects got caught and no one got seriously hurt.

“You’re taking from innocent people and in the middle you harmed an officer who has a family too,” said Walker. “You can’t do that. What you’re doing is wrong.”

Police say while Walker didn’t break any laws, they strongly discourage people from taking the law into their own hands because that can be very dangerous.