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FOX59 Investigates: Indy woman still battling with property manager over sewage line cleanup

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis woman credits FOX59 with getting her rental property manager’s attention about several serious safety issues in her home.

But already, she says the mess has made her sick.

"My chest is tight and I’ve got flu-like symptoms," said Williams. "My whole body is sore."

On July 26, the Board of Health issued an emergency order to clean up raw sewage that had backed up in the basement of the southwest side home Tiesha Williams rents.

The property owner and the manager for it, Axiom Property Management, were told they had 24 hours to clean it up or a court case would be filed.

In reality, the health department gave them a few days. The mess still wasn’t cleaned up, so they filed an emergency sewage court order, set for August 22.

And still, Williams says nothing happened.

Nothing happened, she says, until FOX59 started calling. That’s why she knows no matter what happens with the cleanup, she can’t stay there.

“I don’t want to be dealing with somebody that’s not going to fix anything until I call the news,” said Williams. “The Board of Health couldn’t even make them do it.”

In an email on August 9, Axiom’s CEO Rob Attinger listed the different steps he says the company has taken to diagnose and remedy the problem along the way. He also says that since the emergency order was filed, they “have been in communication with the Health Department inspector to get this situation remedied."

He states the drain line was cleared on Monday and that “the remaining waste/debris was treated and is being removed.  The affected areas will also be cleaned and treated.”

Then, in response to a follow-up email August 15, Attigner said he’s waiting to hear confirmation from the health department that the main drain issue and rubbish removal are in full compliance.

While there’s no longer inches of wastewater covering the basement floor, it doesn’t appear to have been cleaned much, if at all, beyond draining the water.

FOX59 also took this picture on Tuesday, showing insulation, cardboard and other trash that was full of sewage water and bugs last week, has all been tossed in a nook next to the stairs,  not removed.

“I’ve got everything,” said Williams, “all the emails, all the text messages, everything. And I’m even begging, in some of my things, to be treated like a human being that’s paying rent.”

Williams has now filed her own separate case in small claims court.

She's seeking $7,500 in damages to pay for all her belongings she says are now contaminated, plus out-of-pocket expenses for other maintenance issues.

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