IUPUI police encourage safety as students head back to campus

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Indianapolis, IND. -  Thousands of students across Indiana and the county will be heading back to campus soon.  In fact, some have already started.

IUPUI police say they usually see an uptick in petty thefts during first few weeks of the semester.

Police reminding students to keep a close eye on their belonging and their surroundings, especially during the first few weeks of school.

"If you’re leaving your IPad and cell phone, your book bag, in an unlocked vehicle, if you’re windows are down, you might as well just open up all the doors and put a sign on there that says free pickings, have at it, it's yours," said IUPUI Police officer April Mantel.

Last year, students reported two robberies and 279 larcenies to IUPUI police.

Officials are also reminding students of Indiana’s lifeline law, which was passed in 2012.

It encourages a person under the age of 21 to call 911 if they’re in a situation where someone needs medical attention, after an alcoholic related emergency. The law provides immunity to the person who makes the call for help.

"These are situations where people think about their future, instead of the person laying on the floor. Call 911, text 911 immediately," explained Senator Jim Merritt.

The law does require the person who made that call or text to stay on scene and cooperate with authorities. Senator Merritt is now is hoping other states will follow suit and enact similar laws in order to save lives.