Stickers on Southport football players’ helmets honor Lt. Aaron Allan

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Photo courtesy of Josh Campbell.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Friday night, the Southport High School Cardinals paid tribute to a fallen police officer as they played Roncalli.

On every Southport player’s helmet, a sticker will be present with a ribbon depicting the “thin blue line” and “SPT 10” underneath to honor Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan. SPT 10 was Allan’s radio sign, which is used to identify officers when called to a scene.

Allan was fatally shot while responding to the scene of a car crash in Homecroft. Police say Aaron was trying to help Jason Brown, the driver of the vehicle, when brown pulled out a gun and shot Allan 11 times. Brown has been charged with murder.

Thousands attended the officer’s funeral, who was affectionately called “teddy bear” after performing many acts of kindness, including helping a family celebrate Christmas and surprising a little boy with his own police car.

Check out from pictures of Friday night below.

Footage from the coin toss: